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It's the Law! As an insured vehicle owner, YOU have the right to choose the shop where you want your vehicle repaired. A Police Officer, Tow Truck Driver, Government Official or an Insurance Adjuster cannot tell you where to have your vehicle repaired. After all, your car will probably be your first or second biggest purchase of your lifetime so why should an insurance adjuster have the final say on what happens to your vehicle!

At Ricci Auto Collision we have reputable positive relationship with almost every auto insurance company in the country and we work very closely with them so that we may deliver the high quality service you deserve and get you your payout immediately.

Don't waste any time getting several estimates from different shops. Select the shop YOU feel comfortable with and then notify your insurance agent or broker or ask us to do that for you on your behalf. No sweat, it's as simple as that!

However, your insurance adjuster may have to inspect the damage done to your vehicle BEFORE authorizing any repairs, this is usually done at the shop you have chosen AND you are not required to be there during the inspection. Bonus for you!


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